Sir Perry's Crypt, Adelaide SA

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Welcome to the Crypt.

~*~ The Crypt is a life long ambition to have my own space ~*~

The dungeon has and does evolve as also this site will evolve. The Crypt is not just the dungeon but it is the people and activities that are associated with it. This site, in part, is to share the Crypt experience.


~*~ The Crypt is not just a dungeon, it is my sacred space ~*~

The Crypt is a place that I share with others who are genuine and appreciate what the Crypt has to offer. I pride myself in the fact that those who attend the Crypt find a warm and comfortable environment. Especially for the newcomer to grow in a safe and non threatening environment.

The Crypt caters for all fantasies and is fully equipped and is a work in progress. New equipment is utilised as space permits. Stringent hygiene levels are maintained at all times. As it expands so does the service. There is limited accommodation at the moment for interstate and overseas visitors.

~*~ The Crypt ~*~

The Crypt is a private BDSM/fetish play party run by Sir Perry. A party, where like minded people can enjoy and explore the diversity of BDSM, in a friendly and supportive environment. It is also a social occasion where people can talk openly about their interests, catch up with friends and enjoy the company of others in the lifestyle.

The Crypt Dungeon  The Crypt is a fully equipped dungeon located at a private residence in Adelaide, SA. There is a wide range of equipment for use by members although members do bring their own favourite toys. All equipment is available for use and instruction, by experienced members, on using them, is also available. New members/visitors are given a tour of The Crypt by Sir Perry soon after their arrival.

Dress This is a BDSM/fetish party where members live their fantasy, therefore fetish/BDSM/kink/leather/PVC are worn by members, or neat black evening wear. Members go to a lot of trouble to dress the part, both male and female, Dom/me and sub so jeans and t-shirt, shorts and sneakers look out of place and admittance will be refused. There are facilities to change on arrival.

Play - The only limits are of those of the individual. Both Dom/mes and subs have limits and these must be respected. Safe, sane and consensual play is expected at all times. Interaction with others is acceptable but "no thank you", means "no thank you". After the first visit some form of play is expected. Protocol will be explained to new members/visitors. Live your fantasy, have fun.

~*~ Membership ~*~

 Membership is selective. Experience is not necessary but a genuine interest in the lifestyle is, along with respect for others. 
New members are recommended by another member or through Sir Perry. New members meet with Sir Perry and another member prior to their first party. If everyone is comfortable they attend the first party as a visitor. Again, if everyone is comfortable they then become a member. 

Interstate and overseas visitors are welcome after initial email and/or phone contact. 

No deliberate copy right is intended, where known it is stated. If it is on this site then it has an appreciation by myself and others and justly deserves the recognition of its origin