Sir Perry's Crypt, Adelaide SA

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About Me ~*~ Sir Perry ~*~

In varying degrees I have been involved in this lifestyle all my adult life. Over the last few years it has become a fairly large part of my life, being involved in the larger BDSM/Fetish community. Over the years there are those I can thank for what they have shown me, the depth that is BDSM and that there is more to it than "whips and chains". 

Then there is the One. The One who showed me the depth of submission. The One who showed the extent that is dominance. Her imagination and flair incited me to become what and who I am now.

I have journeyed through submission, to switching, to dominance. I am now a Master with extensive knowledge and experience. Having said this I do not claim to be an expert because I believe that we always have something new to learn, we never stop learning.


I have qualifications in health care and teaching and I use these skills to pass on to others my knowledge and experience. I teach, mentor and counsel both dominant and submissive.

I perform on a regular basis showing the diversity that is BDSM. I enjoy the challenge of meeting the "needs" of the individual or group. 

I travel interstate and make welcome those who visit South Australia; this also includes overseas visitors too. I have many contacts and intend to continue fostering relationships and networks locally, interstate and overseas amongst like minded people.